არაკომერციული პროექტია რომელიც არსებობს დამფუძნებლების და მისი მომხმარებლების შემოწირულობებით.

ახლენდელი ვერსია შეიქმნა 2015 წელს. ამ პერიოდში უამრავი დეტალი გამოიკვეთა რომელიც საჭიროებს განახლებას/შეცვლას. ახალი ფუნქციონალის და საიტის გამართული მუშაობისთვის საჭიროა საიტის განახლება, რომლის ღირებულებაა 3 000 ლარი


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Let's Help MYVIDEO
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    Return MYVIDEO back to Facebook

    MYVIDEO is the most popular Georgian video sharing and online TV streaming web platform. Operating in a country with a total population of approximately 3.7 million, the website and the mobile apps achieves 2.5 million unique visitors per month.

    It all started on Thursday, October 29, when Facebook removed the business page of MYVIDEO, along with the user group of over 3 000 members, that was used for directly connecting users with the website developers to share their complaints and suggestions. Besides, each and every link containing myvideo was blocked from sharing, even in private conversations, due to UNSAFETY.

    Furthermore, the Facebook authorization feature, built-in to our website, has stopped working as well. Considering the amount of our registered users, a great deal of which use their Facebook profiles for authorization, this MISBLOCK disturbs our working processes severely. Moreover, thousands of other Georgian websites containing our embed codes, back links and other references also have problems while sharing their content.

    Since then till now, MYVIDEO has been blocked and unblocked for many times. We have heard no single official comment or recommendation on this bouncing process. The blocks are as sudden as the unblocks, with no reasons specified. No single alert or notification had been sent to any of the page administrators either prior to, or since the blocking.

    We have already used every possible communication tool provided in help section, but have received no reply. We tried to report this problem on, but each time we got auto-reply on email, saying that they can not provide individual assistance on this matter. On Facebook for Businesses, we got irrelevant reply – asking us to try a debugger tool, in which we are unable to paste our links, as they are blocked.

    We are completely ready to cooperate and eliminate any possible reasons for blocking, if you can advice us how to proceed or more details of our infringement. We are searching for a single person or a department, who is responsible for such issues in Facebook, to clear things up and return to Facebook, absence of which brings a great disturbance to our everyday working process and makes our users feel uncomfortable.

    Please help us by signing this petition in support of bringing MYVIDEO back to Facebook.

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    ბაჩა ბაქრაძე საქართველო თბილისი 16/03/2018
    Gigi Salukvadze 15/12/2015
    ნინია ტურაშვილი საქართველო თბილისი 05/12/2015
    Soso Nadiradze Georgia Tbilisi 04/12/2015